Typing Tips

The best way to type is with proper finger positioning. Did you know that most keyboards have a little bump or tactile hint on their 'f' and 'j' keys. These are the keys that your index fingers should be on if you have proper keyboard finger positioning.
Proper Keyboard Finger Positions

If your fingers are positioned properly, the fingers on your left hand should be positioned over the asdf keys on the left side of the keyboard and you should be able to feel the little bump on the 'f' key with your left index finger.
Keyboard Finger Positions

If the fingers on your right hand are positioned correctly they should be on the jkl; keys on the right hand of the keyboard. You should be able to feel the little bump on the keyboard that is on the 'j' key with your right index finger. Both thumbs should be placed on the space bar.

The tactile hint is really nice because if your fingers get off the correct position you should be able to tell because you will no longer be able to feel that bump. It's also a good way to relocate the proper keyboard finger positions without having to look at the keyboard.